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Dark Skies Paonia Success Story!

Updated: Oct 21, 2019

Neighbors of a local Delta County neighborhood outside of Paonia, CO recently experienced bright new lights from a newly erected grow operation across the way. They got together and talked to the grower about the impacts the lights were having, and solutions to take - including proper shielding, redirecting the lights, timers, and blackout tarp. The grower said they would put the lights on a timer and redirect the lights away from the neighborhood. The situation became somewhat tense as the 5000k lights continued to blaze 24/7, but improved greatly when the grower switched to the timer.

When the lights are turned off there is very little impact to neighbors, yet when on, the lights are still unshielded and emit out of the owner's premises onto neighboring property. Proper shielding would be a great benefit to containing the light emission. Putting the operation in a greenhouse with blackout tarp would allow ultimate freedom for lighting intensity and times of use with least impact to surrounding neighbors and wildlife, although this would come at a cost in both money and time to the grower.

We thank this grower for taking steps towards dark skies, and hope that this and other grow operations continue to think of night sky conservation and ways to reduce off-premises light emission when using and designing their grow operations.

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