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Who We Are
We are a 501c3 non-profit educating and advocating for the benefits of dark night skies and about the growing threat of light pollution occurring around the globe, its effects on our health, the health of the environment and all things that call our planet home.

 Our Mission

  • To obtain and maintain designation for Paonia as an International Dark Sky Community; thereby preserving, protecting and enhancing dark skies in Paonia for the benefit of the health of our citizens, environment and all creatures that rely on dark skies to thrive.

  • To promote the use of outdoor night-time lighting that reduces energy use, eliminates glare and light trespass on neighbors, saves energy, promotes astrotourism and benefits all.

Our Goals

  • To educate our community and policy makers about proper nighttime lighting and empower them to "bring back the night."

  • To promote environmentally and energy friendly outdoor lighting.

  • To advocate for the protection of the night sky.

  • To monitor the quality of the night sky and mitigate threats to the area's natural night.

  • To provide opportunities for people to experience the night.

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