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Sky Quality Measuring

A thorough sky quality survey is essential to a successful application to the International Dark Sky Places Program.


The Sky Quality Meter (SQM) is the most widely used device for taking scientific-quality measurements of sky brightness. Using this device a “grid” of the locations may be made. It is essential to include areas that will be the darkest and the brightest to achieve a comprehensive survey of the location. This data can then be organized into a map showing approximate location of measurements.

We will be engaging "Light Rangers" to help establish our sky quality and establish readings for Paonia. If you are interested in joining in this effort you can either  download an app on your cell phone(There is one called Dark Sky Meter that we are checking out) and if you get your reading please fill our your information on the form below. In the near future we will have Sky Quality Meters available and will work with interested parties on determining sky brightness. Let us know if your are interested  HERE.

Check out our Adopt a Light Program!

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