Paonia Streetlights
Before-and-After Photos

With the new streetlights set to be installed in Paonia this June, this is a great time to collect some "Before-and-After" photos of the installation - from your perspective. 

Here's what to do:


1) Go outside after nightfall and take a look around at the outdoor lights in your neighborhood, especially the ones you can see from your place of residence. 


2) Find a good spot to take a photo (or two) for the "before" photo.  A simple mobile phone photo will do.

3) When the new streetlights are installed in a month or two (we will let you know), go to the same exact spot and take the "after" photo.  


4) Once you have the before and after photos, put them side by side in a photo or document editor (ask us if you need technical help with this). 


5) Send the final document (with both photos) to us at with a description of where the photo was taken. Also let us know your feedback on the new streetlights, such as your opinion about color temperature and effectiveness of shielding.

*Dark Skies Paonia will use the collected feedback for the required IDA outdoor lighting assessment to see what improvements can be made on our current Town lighting. Also, we will be using some of the Before-and-After photos on our website and future presentations.   
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