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 "Flip it on the New Moon!"
2023 Astro Events Calendars  
 Now Available

2023 13_moon_11x8.5.jpg
2023 13_moon_back cover.jpg

For the fourth year in a row, Aaron Watson has created a stunning 13 Moon Calendar. This 2023 Calendar is packed with the dates of observable astronomical events in the night sky - like meteor showers, eclipses, conjunctions, and more - that you won't want to miss.

"Flip it on the New Moon!"

This 13 Moon Calendar is based on the lunar synodic month - the amount of time it takes the Moon to orbit the Earth and return to the same phase. Month names are traditionally from the Iroquois Tribe. The months flip on the New Moon to allow you to stay in tune with the lunar rhythms. Also includes highlighted Astronomical Events and times each month (Mountain Time) - like meteor showers, eclipses, and conjunctions - so you can stay connected to what's going on in the night skies.

$20 each + $5.00 Shipping (Free delivery and pick-up options available in and around Paonia, CO - please inquire for details).

Order Today!

Dedicated to the Dark Sky Movement - A portion of sales go to Dark Skies Paonia so we can continue our mission to preserve and protect our precious and wonderful night skies!

These calendars make great, unique gifts for friends or for yourself, and you will have access to dates with astronomical events occurring each month, along with these stunning images. Please consider supporting our efforts to preserve our night skies by purchasing a calendar for your home, office, family and friends!

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