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13 Moon

2020 Astro Events Calendars  

Are Now Available

Wolf Moon Img.png

 Aaron Watson has created a stunning, 13 Moon Calendar for 2020.

All Photos are originals by Aaron and were taken right here around Paonia. (size  11"w x 8.5"ht.)

Based on the lunar synodic month - the amount of time it takes the Moon to orbit the Earth and return to the same phase. Month names are traditionally from the Iroquois Tribe. Also includes Astro-events and times (MST/MDT) each month so you can stay connected to what's going on in the night skies. 

Hard Copies are SOLD OUT!

Digital copies still available for $20

25% of sales go to local non-profits Dark Skies Paonia and The Learning Council.

These calendars make great, unique gifts for friends or for yourself and you will have access to dates with astronomical events occurring each month, along with these stunning images. Please consider supporting our efforts to preserve our night skies by purchasing a calendar for your home or family and friends!

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