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11.15.21 Dark Skies Paonia Newsletter

Greetings from Dark Skies Paonia!

2022 13 Moon Astro Events Calendars are now available!

For the third year in a row, Aaron Watson has created a stunning 13 Moon Calendar. This 2022 Calendar is adorned by photos of the moon and is packed with dates of observable astronomical events in the night sky - like meteor showers, eclipses, conjunctions, and more - that you won't want to miss.

Volunteers needed! Want to get involved? We are seeking volunteers to help with numerous projects - like organizing a dark-sky art project (for kids and/or adults), helping to plan star parties, and other fun projects.If you are interested, please get in touch at: or fill out the form at

Photo Courtesy Paonia in Motion

Major Hurdle Cleared! Our dark-sky certification for the Town of Paonia was approved by the Town of Paonia Planning Commission and is on the agenda for the December 14th Town Council meeting at 6:30pm. It would help for you to express your support at the meeting with a comment - please come and show your support for dark skies!

Paonia in Motion Master Plan - Dark Skies Paonia has been working with Paonia in Motion on dark sky features in the Town's Parks and Recreation Master Plan. Ideas we are considering are a glowstone trail at the River Park, a star viewing platform on P Hill, and dark sky routes connecting night sky destinations around town. We also have let other stakeholders know to use dark-sky compliant lighting in all new designs and projects.

Photo Courtesy Lisa Young Delta County Independent

Dark-sky Mural: We are delighted to see a night sky-themed mural in the walkway next to Town Hall. Thank you to Seth Weber and crew for the beautiful art. If you know of any other examples of dark-sky art, please let us know!

The IDA Global Conference was last weekend. This was the biggest dark-sky conference to date! Check out the Keynote Address here:

Join the International Dark-sky Association and gain access to a worldwide network of dark sky advocates. Membership with IDA includes membership to the IDA Colorado Chapter, so you can also get involved at the state level. There is so much happening in dark-skies right now, it's a great time to get involved. Click here for details:

Thank you for supporting dark skies! Starry regards!

Aaron Watson

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